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Yaoi-Con 2008 - The 900 Penis Project!

(Mature audiences only!  If you are not over 18 or of legal age in your country, you should not be here!)

For those of you who weren't at Yaoi-Con 2008, or missed the phallic excitement that was the Penis Project, let us fill you in!  During the y-gal meet-up at Y-con, it was noted that: 

1) TwistedHilarity and Jessjess had a huge, blank roll of paper (3 feet wide and 56 feet long). 

2) Forchan had a box of colored pencils and crayons and an idea.

And so the 900 Penis Project came into being.  For most of the con, Jessjess and I carried our big-ass roll of paper and wandered the hotel and parking lot, collecting penis drawings. We had con attendees drawing penises, we had artists and mangaka drawing penises, we had con guests and bishies drawing penises, we had vendors drawing penises, we even had writers drawing penises (okay, sometimes it was writers (ourselves included) drawing penises badly, but we contributed!). 

We also had a bunch of lovely, dedicated men and women who helped us flag down potential drawers and spread the word. Thanks go out to all of you! Those who drew and those who helped, guys and gals, y-gal affiliated and not!  We couldn't have done it without you!

But the big question still needs to be answered: did we get 900 penises?  Did We???

No, dammit.  We got exactly 450. Exactly. We're wondering if that's supposed to be a sign telling us that we half-assed it.  Our cocks certainly think so. The greedy bastards are holding us hostage and they are demanding ass. So please, someone - anyone - step up, bring your big-ass paper, and start your own collection: 900 asses for Yaoi-Con 2009. 'Cause we ain't doing it this time.

In any case, while you're planning your attempt to enter the Backdoor Hall of Fame, we have photos of phallic goodness to share with you.  Below you'll find links to some highlights of the penises drawn, and then to the entire thing, piecemeal, for anyone who wants to try and find the penis that they drew. Some photos have been turned to show their 'good' side. Not all penises on the roll were highlighted, even though there were an amazing number of nicely drawn penors. What ended up highlighted was simply a matter of limited time, penile celebrity status, completely subjective decisions, and sometimes, how the drawing was showing up on the photos. The pictures themselves are not based on real people (obviously). 

Please spread politeness around, rather than this art, and don't use these images unless you know the artist that drew your penis of choice, and gain their permission. 

The Penis Project Highlights:

12 inches, baby


Mr. Happy

DragonBall Z penises


diamond piercing penis

yin-yang penises

welcome to y-con penis

Large Hard-on Collider

zombie penis

The Penis Taj Mahal

penis ring toss

angry penis

ink-sketched penis  by Brian Canfield Mitchell, woo hoo!

veggie penises

Boink Man

tentacle penis

radioactive penis

french pen

penis of flame

Cobra penis

winged penis

rainbow penis and penisus

Where's Waldo's Penis?

smooched penis

cockman the barbarian

uke penis

Dick Tracy

Florida state capital - the towering penises



Alien part

mushroom(headed) cloud


kiss kiss bang bang

red headed

you ass


hard headed


blue balls

rainbow rocket


perfect penis

Temari penis

Sailor Penis

rainbow penis


The dragon and bumble P

Gaara penor

chibi penis

upwardly mobile

blue balls part 2

Yaoi '08

Grim Peter

the loneliest penis

troll cock

trouser snake


Zuko penis

The Penis Project Paper, unedited:

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Section 4

Section 5

Section 6

Section 7

Section 8

Section 9

Section 10

Section 11

Section 12

Section 13

Section 14

Section 15

Section 16

Section 17

Section 18

Section 19

Section 20

Section 21

Section 22

Section 23

Section 24


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