Fiction~~He Smiled

He Smiled

Ewan swallowed, leaning back against the compound’s wall and clutching the heavy earthen jug to his chest with pale arms. 

“You want me to go…out there?” His voice cracked on the question and he looked to the side at the man who had become his father.  He’d had almost eight years to get used to the large Rations Master, but there were times when the miser still surprised him.  He really should have known better than to think he would be all right. 

He should have expected something like this. 

When the second colony ship had crashed, taking Ewan’s mother and father with it, he’d still had hope.  A few escape pods had made it to the ground; they could have been in one of them.  But as the months passed, only a handful from the other ship had trickled in, telling stories of wild beasts and man-eating predators, both in the jungle and within the waterways.  He and the other orphans left over from the crash had finally been assigned a ‘new’ parent, someone who was single and wasn’t already burdened by a child.

And like many of the surprised guardians, Richard had taken out his displeasure over the situation on Ewan.

Ewan had survived it, though. He hadn’t rebelled and ended banished from the colony, tossed into the jungle to be heard screaming at night and never seen again.  As long as he tried to follow his guardian’s orders, he couldn’t be banished.  So he’d taken it all - the small rations of food, the cold from lack of warm clothes, the beatings – and it would all end within weeks.  He was so close to being seen as an adult within the colony, when no one could ever hurt him again without him being able to fight back.  Next week was even when Richard would have to start building him his own home.  The last thing a parent was required: building a separate dwelling for their child once they’d matured.

Only he didn’t think Richard had done what he was supposed to.  He had never seen the man putting aside the materials, not to mention talking to the others who had the skills he’d need.  Ewan had been wondering what was going to happen when the day of building came.  Now he thought he might know. 

Ewan was expected to die today. 

With his mouth dry with fear, Ewan pushed his body against the wooden compound wall, trying to stick there.  Blue eyes stared out past the flattened field surrounding them, into the shadowed canopy of thousands of trees. “I can’t go into the jungle right now; it’s almost dark.”

“I’m aware of that,” Richard snapped, giving him a hard shove away from the wall.  Ewan fell to his knees, just catching the jar before it landed on the ground.  He pushed himself up on slender legs as his father continued.

“I’ve been working my ass off all day, unlike a lazy bum like you, and I want a damn bath.  The women say I can’t have any more of the water in the compound, so you go fetch me some from the river or you can stay out here and rot for all I care.”

Ewan trembled.  If he argued, Richard might beat him so badly he’d barely be able to move.  But he couldn’t do this.  He didn’t want to die. “B-but…it’s almost a mile away.  It’ll be dark before I get back and…”

“Then you’d better walk fast, hadn’t you?” Richard smirked at him and turned, gesturing to the guards to close the gates behind him.  They didn’t even give Ewan a sympathetic look before they did as they were requested.  No one interfered with another’s parenting: that was rule number one.  Personal control over one’s own family was one of the major reasons this colony had left earth for new land in the first place.  One of their first laws forbade any interference into family affairs. While that seemed to work well for many of the families, it seemed to him that such complete autonomy had only made things intolerable for a large number of the orphans, himself included.

And now…he stared out into the impenetrable greens and purples of the heavy jungle ferns and swallowed again.  He could do this.  He didn’t have a choice.  He might hate Richard, but he could only be free of him if he made it into adulthood. He grit his teeth, forcing himself to move, no matter how much his legs shook. 

“I won’t die,” he said fiercely, beginning to walk across the cleared space around the fort’s walls and into the deeper foliage.  Drawing on the same hard place inside that helped him get back up after Richard knocked him down, Ewan kept moving.  The rough hemp of the jug’s strap cut into the palm of his hand already as the container constantly caught on branches and vines while he pushed his way along the faint path that some of the guards used when they did early morning perimeter checks.  It would likely be bloody by the time he carried it all the way back.

By the time he got to the edge of the river, it was nearly dusk.  His breath was coming in huge gulping pants as tried to brave the water and actually fill his jug.  He’d heard of some of the things that swam in the water: huge, armored creatures with large teeth that could swallow a person whole.  Snakes that would wrap around you and squeeze until your eyes popped.

It nearly took everything he had to crouch down long enough for the container to fill.  He dragged it up onto the bank, grunting and straining.  Sweat was running down his pale face as he took a moment to catch his breath.  Glancing up at the dimly lit sky, he took one exhausted breath before trying to figure out how he was going to get back to the compound.  Merely lifting up full jug, his arms immediately felt like they were going to be pulled from their sockets.  He usually fetched water closer to home, a few trips at a time; something this large weighed so much he could barely move it.  Looking around, he spotted a stump right next to the water and moved the jug on top, panting.  If he could just get it on top of his shoulder, he could move faster and might actually make it back before his arms gave out.  

It took precious minutes, but crouching down and carefully pulling the heavy jug over finally worked.  He stood with a groan.  It was still going to be damn hard work, but he could do this.

He had to.

The light was so dim he could hardly see the trail, he noticed, but he could do this.  The thought was still echoing in his head when something huge and darkly furred leapt out at him from behind a tree.  Glowing green eyes, glaring hatefully, swept towards him and he screamed as it leapt up to go for his throat.

He was still stepping back from the thing as it slashed near his shoulder instead, mistaking the pot for another head.  It knocked off the jug, clawing at it and screeching as it fell into the water.  He stumbled on the bank, arms waving desperately as he tried to keep his balance, and then he was in the water along with his attacker.

And then he should have died.


He still didn’t know why he hadn’t.  The rest of that night was literally a blur.  First, because he honestly hadn’t been able to see much in the near-dark.  Second, because he’d been lucky enough to scrabble his way onto a small, brushy tree that had been floating in an eddy near the shore.  He’d heard the thing that attacked him screaming, thrashing in the water as something had savaged it.  He was sure he’d be next.  His small hiding spot was only inches above the water.  Frozen and still, he’d kept silent as his make-shift raft had been pushed back into the main current of the river by all the movement near the shore. 

He’d been trapped on it that entire night, his eyes scanning the dark uselessly as he hoped to God that nothing could sniff him out and come out to get him.  The next day he’d contemplated trying to get off and swim to shore, until he’d seen a brilliant orange bird land on the water.  There was a large splash, a roar, and all that was left of the bird was one feather floating in the current.  He’d stayed on that day, terrified every time he’d dared to dip his hand into the water for a sip to wet his parched throat.  The next night was a repeat of the first, and finally in the morning the tree had drifted near shore again, its branches scraping along the bottom. 

At first, he’d been too stiff with fear and cramped muscles to try and go the last few feet separating him from the land.  In his head, he continued to hear the screams of the creature that had attacked him. But when the branch anchoring the tree snapped and it slowly began to move again, he leapt into the water and thrashed his way onto the bank of the river.

He’d scrambled far enough from the water that nothing could see him from the river, he hoped, and then he’d collapsed on shaky legs.  The thought of trying to make his way all the way back up river to the compound was beyond daunting.  He wiped at his eyes, trying to stop the tears as he looked around him now that he was no longer on the water. 

How was he going to get back?

Two weeks later, he still wasn’t sure.  He was alive, which was a miracle in and of itself, but trying to follow the river had been too dangerous. Everything came to the river, eventually, and there’d been too many close calls when he tried to stay close enough to hear the water as it thundered by. He’d been traveling farther away, trying to go in the same direction, and creeping as carefully as he could back to the river to check if he was still paralleling it. 

He still wondered if it even mattered.  Would he recognize the river near the compound if he was near it?  Even getting back was something that hardly seemed worth it sometimes.  What was waiting for him?  Richard?  The other adults who had stood by and watched while his father knocked him to the ground when he spilled a glass of water?  Was that so much better?

Better than being dead, he tried to remind himself.  He’d have a home; Richard would have to build it when Ewan got back.   It would be something.  Right now, he had to concentrate on staying alive.

And he wanted to be around people again.  Whether he liked them or not, he’d never felt so alone, for so long.  It was starting to affect his mind.  He’d started to fantasize about the compound, thinking that maybe there was just one person who might care that he was gone,  someone who would hold him when he got back.  Someone who would tell him it was all going to be all right.  Someone who actually thought about him.

Knowing that no one like that existed made him frightened when he started thinking like that. A sane person wouldn’t imagine that type of thing, would he?  His deepest fear, the one that crept in at night when he huddled up in the trees, was that he wouldn’t even have his sanity by the time he made it back, even if he did make it back.  He was so tense every moment that he startled at the merest rustle of a leaf.  He’d found only a few bits of plants that he knew were edible, and he had no idea how to hunt for anything more mobile.  The compound hunters only went after larger animals, so you had to be an adult to join in.  He hadn’t been allowed to participate yet.  And he was terrified that if he used something to lure an animal close, it would be something that would eat him rather than the other way around. 

He was so hungry all the time that his stomach was a numbing ache inside his belly.  At least it was still the summer here; he wasn’t cold. Thank God; he hardly had any clothes left. His shoes had been lost in the river, not that he’d worn them much at home anyway; at least his feet were already fairly tough.  His pants had snarled on a thorn bush the first day after the river, and he’d had to strip out of them just to extricate himself.  And then something had attacked from one end of the brush and he’d had to run and leave them behind.  His shirt was tied around his hips now as a pretty ridiculous replacement.  He needed it, though.  He just had to be a bit creative.  With the arms tied around his waist and the body of it hanging like a flap, he had to decide which end it covered: his backside when he sat, or his groin when he was walking into the heavy underbrush areas.

It felt normal now to be constantly wary, listening for every sound, noticing the shadows around him.  In some ways, having to judge Richard’s moods to try and avoid a beating might have actually helped him survive.  But he would love to have been able to relax for a brief second.  Just one.  He was so damn tired, so tense he couldn’t even sleep normally.

The past two days had been worse than usual.  Something was watching him; he knew it.  There were too many signs to ignore.  Small moments when the insects stopped and the birds were silent, even though Ewan hadn’t moved.  Brief shifts in the shadows at the corners of his eyes.  At night as he tried to make himself as small as possible in a fork of the smaller trees, he would swear he was feeling something look at him. 

Except if he was being stalked by an animal, why hadn’t he been attacked yet?  Practically everything on the planet could eat him up and spit him out without a problem; there should hardly be a pause between stalking and attacking.

So what was coming after him?

He heard the insects pause again as he sat huddling underneath one of the larger trees, eating a handful of berries with frantic hands, shoving them in his mouth as his eyes scanned the undergrowth around him.  He thought it was the stalker again, and as he got on his haunches to make his way out of the area, something dropped onto him.  He was knocked to the ground so hard it left him stunned for one critical moment.  A thick weight smothered his lungs as he tried to struggle against coils that wrapped around him more rapidly than he could move, and he wriggled desperately.  He didn’t want to die now! 

His legs kicked, free but useless as they scrabbled against hard scales.  His arms were bound up against his stomach, unbearable pressure forcing them to dig into his soft tissues as his air was forced out little by little.  He was going to die, he thought, his awareness fading.  His mind was fuzzy, blurred as something else dropped to the ground next to him and there was a rush of movement to the side.  He vaguely heard a sharp, angry scream and his body was flung sideways as he was suddenly freed.  Pushing to his feet, bracing himself against a tree, he stood swaying as it felt like all his blood rushed into his head, his lungs working like bellows to try and draw air into them.  He managed a few steps as he stumbled to keep upright, and then he stared.  The thing that had been crushing him was dead, its snake-like head nearly sawed off, and holding the bloody weapon that had done it was…. 

A boy?

It was another person.  It had to be. He was saved!  His jubilant exclamation of thanks never made it past his lips as he looked at him.  The face looking at him was completely, utterly foreign to him.

He didn’t know this boy.

And that wasn’t possible. He knew everyone in the compound. He knew everyone! It had been so long since he’d met someone new that he didn’t even remember what it felt like. And it felt terrifying, no matter how happy he was to find another human being in this hellacious jungle. 

Who was this? 

Still gasping for air, he stared at him.  The body in front of him was a bit larger than his, skin a deep sepia, wiry, and a hell of a lot tougher looking.  Dark eyes stared at him, black hair pulled back messily from a lean face that showed no expression.  He had on a small leather cloth in between his legs and over his hips, but his bare chest was tanned and striped with scar tissue.  Ewan tried to speak and couldn’t make a sound. 

The boy stepped towards him, bringing up the sharp tip of a crude, wood-like blade as he advanced, and Ewan backed up until his back hit the tree behind him. 

“Whatever I did, I’m sorry!”  Ewan held up his hands automatically to try and guard his face.   The boy didn’t stop his advance, his eyes so dark as he crept forward that they looked black.  It scared Ewan more than the snake had.  “I- I’m from the colony ship’s compound!   I’m not trying to---  I’m just passing through!  Please, if you get out of the way, I-I’ll leave!“ 

He didn’t want to, though.  He hadn’t seen anyone in two whole weeks!  He didn’t want to leave the only person he’d seen, but he’d rather leave than die! 

“I’ll just leave, if you-“

Ewan stopped speaking as a hand reached out and poked him in the chest.  He flinched, his fists up to fight the boy off. He yelped as they were slapped aside.  The blade shifted until the very tip just brushed over Ewan’s stomach; he was sure it would gut him if he inhaled to deeply.  Taking shallow breaths, he tried desperately not to move as a dark, callused hand reached out and brushed over his filthy brown hair with soft pressure.  Curious fingers explored his face, tracing his eyebrows and cheekbones,
running along his nose and over his lips.  The smell from the other human was potent: earthy and rich, with the pungency of leather underlying it all.  He had a smear of dark blood trailing up the hand, blending into his skin, but unlike Ewan, he didn’t seem to be sweating hardly at all. 

And he was still touching him.  Ewan stared into his face, trying to see some faint hint of sympathy, or even an indication of whether or not he was going to be killed.  There wasn’t much he could figure out.  The only expression was a slight furrowing of  dark brows, guarding the young man’s eyes as he stared everywhere his fingers touched.  He looked…was he mesmerized?  If he wasn’t, Ewan was beginning to feel that way.  The heavy touch as it smoothed across his face, slick with sweat from the humid heat, was hypnotic.  It had been so long since he’d felt the touch of something that wasn’t hurting him.  The spear was there, he knew it was, but the beauty of simply feeling another human being distracted him so much he almost forgot about it.

Besides, the touch of those fingers was more frightening than something sharp, in its own way.  It was affecting his mind as much as it was his body.

A large thumb ran over his lips and he tried to draw in his breath. He jumped as the boy took the opportunity to push the finger into his mouth.  His teeth were felt with the pad of a strong finger; it almost felt like the sharpness of his teeth was being tested.  When the finger withdrew and brushed his own saliva across his lower lip, Ewan’s hands dug into the bark behind him and he closed his eyes. 

The feel of it was so soft he wanted to press against it.  He started to, and felt the small sharp point against his stomach almost immediately.  He flinched, blinking at the reminder.

What was he doing?

It didn’t matter if this boy’s touch was really, really arousing; he, and his weapon, were really, really frightening!

Almost as if his thoughts controlled it, the weapon slowly lowered, moving away from Ewan’s abdomen as the other boy leaned forward close to his face, inhaling carefully as his fingers still fluttered over his skin.  Ewan supposed he probably smelled as much as the young man did, and not in a good way.  But why was he up so close to him like this?  What was he doing?

He was so close Ewan could see that the individual pores in his brown-sugar skin.  His eyes were actually a rich, dark brown, with lighter flecks forming a small star around his iris.  His blue-black hair was coarse and heavy, so thick it seemed to flow down his back after the tie holding it at his nape.  His breathing was deep and even, a counterpoint to Ewan’s still-desperate gasping. 

He didn’t seem worried about Ewan’s presence at all.

Staring up into his eyes, though, Ewan couldn’t say the same.  His body felt over sensitive and strange, like every nerve except for the ones underneath those searching hands had disappeared. He was still staring when the fingers touching him left and something dark and sweet was slipped into his mouth.  Saliva pooling in his mouth at the taste. Oh God, was it food?  He was still so hungry…  Holding up a piece of something brown and dried, the boy bit off a piece and then pressed the rest into Ewan’s mouth again.  Ewan moaned, chewing blissfully.  He tried to reach for another piece as the boy pulled it from a pouch tied to his loincloth, and had his hands slapped away again.  He would have fought him, just for a chance at food again, except the small slap was followed by deft fingers pressing it through his lips.  He flushed a little as he chewed, feeling a bit like a baby bird when another small piece was brought to his lips and held until he opened his mouth.  

He was looking for a little more, nervous but hopeful, when the boy stepped away suddenly.  Looked around, his face curled into a silent snarl and he suddenly yanked Ewan forward.  Ewan hit the hard chest in front of him with a grunt and stumbled as the boy turned them both and shoved him ahead of him.  Ewan tried to protest, loudly, but as soon as he made a sound, it earned him a growl and a slap to the back of his head.  When he tried again and garnered the same treatment for his ass, he shut up. 

And slid his shirt around his hips to cover his backside. 

And slid it right back around to the front the first time a branch bitch-slapped his cock.

The boy behind him had palmed his backside at that, still pushing him on ahead, but only for one hot, startling moment, and then he released him.  Ewan wanted to ask him to stop, but as the boy’s body had grown silent and wary, he couldn’t help feel the same way.  The tension from last two weeks slid back over him so quickly it hurt.  His eyes darting everywhere, he tried to figure out exactly where he was being herded.

He failed three times, getting a thump on the head once, and a sharp shove in the right direction the other two.

At least he hadn’t slapped his backside again, he thought, resisting the urge to cover it with his hands.  He hadn’t looked back, and he knew the young man had to be watching where they were going, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that those dark eyes were watching his ass while they walked.

It freaked him out, but not enough to keep his arousal completely dampened.  Even the jungle itself didn’t seem to be terrifying enough to do that.  He had a little food in his belly, and he wasn’t alone.

It was better than anything he’d felt since he’d fallen in the river.

He was still moving an hour later when a strong hand jerked hard on his bicep.  Stopping, he was stunned when the boy pointed towards a truly foul smelling hollow in the ground near some dense underbrush. 

“There?  You can’t expect me to – ow!” This time brought a prodding from the dull side of the little spear and he stumbled towards the disgusting hole.  He turned around to protest and looked into the sharper end this time.  Calm eyes glanced at him before looking around them with a practiced sweep.  Ewan bit his lip before looking back at the vine covered…hole. 

Bad smells aren’t worth dying for, he reminded himself.  He just wished he knew what was going on.  He hadn’t been hurt, and he didn’t want to be, but he didn’t know what he was supposed to do.  What did this – person – want with him? 

Imagining the feel of that hand over his face, and his bottom, Ewan swallowed.  Was that what the boy wanted? 


With a shudder that was a toss up between fear and curiosity, he bent low to go through the vine strewn darkness that looked like a small entrance to a burrow.  There were mushrooms growing all around the entrance, obviously the source of the smell, and he tried not to vomit from the stench.  He went only a few feet before he hit a barrier that...clanged?

The boy crept up behind him, shoving him to the side and holding the spear to his chest while he pressed a few panels on a metal wall embedded at the end of the small tunnel.  After a few seconds, part of the wall slid aside and Ewan was poked and prodded some more until he crawled in and found himself in a large metal room with rounded walls.  Furs covered the floor, along with a small collection of primitive spears and knives along one wall.

Ewan stared around him, his head spinning as it tried to figure out where the hell he was, and what the hell this place was, when he saw a small clear plastic embedded on the back of the door.

“Emergency Landing Instructions,” he read slowly, and suddenly he looked around him more closely, looking for confirmation.

“Shit, this is one of the escape pods!  You’re from the other colony sh- aaagh!” He fell onto his ass among the furs as the boy gave him a shove.  He’d already put his weapon against the wall with the others, on the far side from Ewan, and Ewan looked up at him, shocked.

He was one of them.  He should have been with the colony this whole time.  Ewan could have been friends with him…all these years.  And this boy had been alone this entire time.  Two weeks suddenly seemed pathetic as something to complain about.

“Uh.. uh  hi.” He tried to scoot back while he attempted to think, but the boy was just too close.  His crotch was right at eye level and that was impossible to ignore.

It was quite… enlarged right now.

“Um, I’m Ewan.”

A body crouched in front of him and stared while he swallowed.  It was really warm inside the capsule, really, now that he noticed it.

“Uh…Ewan.” He pointed to himself, feeling ridiculous.   “That’s me.  Ewan.  I’m Ewan.”

A grunt and then…the voice.  Deep and gravelly, barely used, the sexiest thing Ewan had ever heard. It instantly upped the age of the boy into ‘man’ category.


Ewan nodded nervously.


That was all.  No gesturing or other sounds, just the one word.

“Th-that’s you?  Jordan?”  He didn’t get a nod, but there was look in his eyes that seemed like confirmation.

“Uh, well, J-Jordan, if you’re not going to k-kill me or anything, maybe you could help me?  I need to get home.  You know that word?  Home?  I need – uh.   What are you doing now? That is…”

Ewan smiled tentatively until Jordan crawled over and discarded the last few feet of space between them.  Ewan scrabbled back and hit the wall. He pressed against it, his feet sliding a little among the furs.

“Ehhhh, well.  This is…cozy.  V-very nice.” Crouched comfortably in front of him, Jordan still wasn’t talking.  Like the entire time since Ewan had met him, he had almost no expression on his thin face. He was just looking at Ewan with that focused stare that gave him a shivery feeling all over his body.  Looking down Jordan’s body, he saw a heavy bulge between his legs that looked a lot bigger than it had been only moment before. 

God, it was huge.

At least, he thought it was huge; he’d never seen anyone’s but his own.  With the way Richard worked him, he’d never really experimented with anyone sexually.  He’d almost been too tired at the end of the day to even masturbate before bed.  But he’d noticed a number of young men in the colony; he knew he liked them more than the girls he’d seen.  And Jordan was very, very attractive, and more, well, almost elementally male than anyone he’d ever met.

He made Ewan think of doing dirty, hot, sweaty things that he didn’t even have names for.  Feeling himself grow erect just looking at the rippled abs leading down to Jordan’s groin, Ewan flushed painfully.  He tried to focus on Jordan’s face, and wished he’d held off as he saw the man watching his own crotch.  There was a brief moment when Jordan looked, up, their eyes met, and then Jordan reached down for Ewan’s leg and pulled, yanking his body down until he was flat on the furs. 

In between Jordan’s legs and staring up into his face. 


Jordan stared down at him, that blank face of his giving no clue at all what he was thinking.  Ewan wanted to move away, but at the same time, he was so…curious.  Was Jordan thinking of doing the same things Ewan was?  They didn’t know each other, but he hadn’t seen anyone in so long.  And it had to be even longer for Jordan, didn’t it?  No one would know, and he would have someone to touch, just once.  He’d have someone who wasn’t trying to hit him, or ignoring his bruises because it was easier not to see.

He didn’t move, his breathing speeding as Jordan lowered his face slowly.  Like he was afraid of scaring Ewan away, his eyes watched Ewan carefully until he was nuzzling against Ewan’s neck.  It was hot, he thought, moving his head to give Jordan more access.  That earthy smell was invading his senses as he tried to catch his breath but it was just…hot.  A lovely, distracting ember that made him want to sink into the floor, melting, until Ewan felt something push aside his pathetic flap of a shirt and wrap around his cock.

With a yelp, Ewan came out of his stupor and swung out frantically.  Quick hands clamped over both fists before he connected and slammed them to the ground next to his head.  Ewan flinched, expecting pain.  When nothing happened, his eyes opened to find a still-passive looking Jordan leaning forward again, almost casually.  He didn’t look angry, Ewan thought in an odd sort of frightened relief.  But he’s…. 

“Jordan, you shouldn’t…  It’s not – nnnnnnng.  Oh-ohhhh”  Ewan’s eyes closed again as Jordan licking carefully against his skin.  The heat was sharper there, different than the moist air, and it was coiling through Ewan’s body like a whip. Jordan made a contented sort of grunting sound as Ewan squirmed underneath him.

He’d never had someone this close to him, Ewan thought, not and doing things like this.  Not this. And Jordan was…exploring.  Why was he so interested in him? Ewan asked himself, panting hard as Jordan licked a small spot lower on his chest. The man was picking out small patches of clean skin over Ewan’s body as he searched. His lips tasted him softly, small laps against his skin. Ewan’s belly fluttering wildy, the feeling leaking into his groin as his cock swelled.

He yelped as Jordan nibbled on him with blunt teeth, licking afterwards until he reached Ewan’s nipple.  As he began to tease at the small nubbin with tongue and teeth, unbelievable stings prickled outward.  Ewan had never even thought to touch his stupid nipples, but now he wished he had. God, they felt so good!  Jordan murmured gruffly against his skin, biting one nipple hard, and ‘Ewan’ stopped working.  Everything that made him who he was started to disappear into some heated, hard, desperate person who just wanted to feel that again.  And he did as Jordan did the same to the other nipple.  There was a painful pressure, quick and deep, and it shot down to harden his dick just as quickly as the first had.

Jordan murmured again as Ewan keened slightly, and continued, moving back and forth between his nipples.  The near abuse of the small beads of flesh took up every bit of attention Ewan had, everything that had been so focused on keeping him alive over the last weeks was suddenly only concerned with what was happening to his chest.  It was like being shocked; it was stunning.

Jordan pulled away, his eyes focused on Ewan’s face, and licked his lips.  Ewan couldn’t move, his eyes glazed, and he barely registered Jordan’s shift in focus. 

The dark-haired head was tilted as he noticed Ewan’s erection thrusting nearly straight up into the air.

 Ewan panted harshly, his eyes wide as he finally noticed Jordan’s interest.  He was so damn horny.  Was Jordan going to touch him there?  He didn’t know him, didn’t care that he didn’t know him - he just wanted to feel something over his cock right now. 

His body ached for more of all of it, every touch of his fingers and teeth and lips. When Jordan released his hands and scooted down in between his legs, he didn’t try to move away.  The man was fiddling with something, but his eyes were completely focused on the dick in front of him. Was he going to touch him there?  Lick him?  Take Ewan into his mouth?  Ewan didn’t want to move, too nervous and excited to find out.  What was Jordan going to do?!

He realized that Jordan wasn’t doing a darn thing to his cock when his thighs were grabbed tightly and lifted until his bottom was off the floor.  Yelping, he began to struggle as he realized that the man wasn’t going to suck him off.

He was going to fuck him.

Ewan looked down at him, finally seeing the man had managed to get completely naked, and tried to push away as he saw the large erection Jordan sported.  Dark and sleek, it glistened, like it was already covered in something slick and slippery, but…he didn’t know if he wanted this!  All the pleasurable heat was disappearing as he stared at that cock near his entrance and thought about what it meant.   He hadn’t thought this far ahead.  He didn’t think he wanted this!

And it didn’t look like he had a choice.  Jordan pushed Ewan’s legs up towards his chest until his backside was up in the air.  Those dark eyes of his gleamed, and Ewan tried desperately to move.  He only managed to shimmy enough to make his own cock wiggle. 

“Please, don’t do this!  I don’t… I’ve never done this.”  Jordan was concentrating on Ewan’s bottom, staring at it as he started to move.  A blunt head pressed against Ewan’s ass, stretching him almost painfully, and suddenly pushed through.  His bottom clamped down behind the thick ridge of the head in a small spasm. It hurt!

Ewan cried out. 

“Please don’t!  It hurts!”  He knew he’d started to cry a little, and he was too frightened to care.  God, it hurt!  It had felt so good before, but this was scary and painful and not at all what he’d thought it might be like.  He blinked, trying to get the tears from his eyes, and when he looked back up, Jordan’s face was right above him. 

Ewan’s body was lowered to lay over Jordan’s legs, but Jordan didn’t withdraw. Ewan closed his eyes; he didn’t want to watch as this man took him.  Just another person hurting him, when he’d thought that maybe…  He sniffled, his lips quivering.

One soft hand brushed over Ewan’s eyes, rubbing away the moisture with hesitant finger strokes as Ewan hiccup-sobbed once.  With a small rumble in his throat, Jordan began to kiss across Ewan’s closed eyelids and cheeks.  Crooning, he supported himself on his elbows as he ran his hands in small strokes over Ewan’s face.  His legs knelt on the floor, carefully holding Ewan’s legs and hips while he stayed inside his body.  When he began to lick at Ewan’s lips, Ewan opened his eyes.  Just a little of the warmth from before was coming back with each slick touch across his skin.  His bottom was throbbing; it ached. 

But the tight, painful burn was gone.  Just an ache.  The lips and tongue that now pushed into his mouth were far more immediate. And the fact that Jordan had stopped was warming Ewan more than anything he was doing with his body.  He hadn’t stopped completely, but…he wasn’t hurting him.  Not knowing what Ewan had said, he still hadn’t pushed inside of him anymore.

Richard had never stopped when he’d started hurting him. He’d never molested him, but a few tears and pleas had never even given the man pause. 

Jordan had stopped. 

For him.

Ewan reached up very carefully and wrapped his fingers around Jordan’s shoulders, feeling the small ridges of scar tissue covering the hard ripple of muscle as Jordan shifted his weight.  He let his mouth be penetrated, sucking on the tongue that stroked against his own and slipped over his teeth, and he wondered how long Jordan had been all alone.  He had to be so lonely.

But his hips still didn’t move.

When Jordan’s back arched so that he could reach Ewan’s nipples again, sucking at them hard, nibbling, making dark red marks with his teeth and his mouth, Ewan whimpered.  Jordan instantly stopped, looking up at his face, and then licked him with a teasing little flick when he saw Ewan’s face flushed and dazed rather than weeping again.

He went back to his nipples.  Ewan’s whole world spiraled to those two throbbing, heated points, until Jordan’s body finally moved again.  The man’s cock slid in slowly, dragging against Ewan’s flesh.  When Ewan began to wriggle uncomfortably, his chest was bitten and laved until he gasped, aware of the penetration only at the edges of his awareness.  Everything else was focused on Jordan’s talented mouth, and when the heat of his hands clamped over Ewan’s hips as Jordan began to thrust in and out, that’s when it changed.

Tingling shocks from his ass hit him every time Jordan entered. Erotically painful bites from surprisingly white teeth made him arch again.  The entire thing was so slow, and now that it wasn’t hurting anymore, it was…wonderful.  Full, heated - arousal and comfort at the same time. 

He was safe.  That was the thought that wouldn’t leave as his body took Jordan in and slid against him.  He only barely remembered how that felt.  His entire body felt like it should be glowing; this was so….good.  Jordan was kissing his mouth, his hips pistoning and pushing Ewan against the soft fur.   His back was hard and strong underneath Ewan’s hands.  He was heavy, his thighs thrusting strongly, and Ewan wanted to melt against his skin, just to feel him. As hips pressed deeper and deeper in between his legs,  Ewan’s grip shifted to hold onto his ass.  He pulled him in as tightly as he could.  Everywhere – that’s what he wanted – he wanted that feeling of him everywhere, on every inch of his skin.

He was almost sad when it ended with a few quick thrusts as Jordan shuddered against him.  Soft fingers moved over his erection, drawing Jordan’s eye until  Ewan came between their bodies.

He lay underneath, panting and staring up at Jordan’s face, still feeling him warm and slick inside his body.  Jordan murmured softly, deep in his throat, and kissed Ewan once with a tender caress of his tongue.  He brushed his hand over Ewan’s hair, moving a few damp strands out of his eyes. 

And with a hesitant, uncertain twitch, Jordan’s eyes crinkled at the corners, their brown depths beginning to sparkle, and Jordan …


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